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Parity Panic

(Eingestellt am 17. September 2023, 16:24 Uhr von Cablr)

A sequel to my previous puzzles "Parity Plaza" and "Parity Paradise".

Standard Sudoku rules apply. Digits separated by a black dot are in a 1:2 ratio. Digits in cages sum to the small clue in the top left of the cage. Pink lines are equal parity lines, i.e. they consist of either entirely even or entirely odd digits.

Solve with CTC or F-Puzzles

Lösungscode: Top row, left to right

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am 12. Juni 2024, 04:46 Uhr von LexiRae7712
I really liked this one :) Thank you for the gorgeous puzzle

am 4. Dezember 2023, 16:56 Uhr von PurGale
So yummy thank you so much!

am 13. Oktober 2023, 01:25 Uhr von cascadeshiker
Very nice puzzle. Quite straightforward after the break-in. Thanks! And thanks too for only requiring one line for the solution code.

am 24. September 2023, 12:52 Uhr von anyeyeball
I rated the puzzle a very nice 1-star puzzle. Just enough of a challenge to be fun. Thanks for setting!

am 20. September 2023, 21:43 Uhr von abadx
From my point of view it is a one star puzzle. The break in is quite straightforward and the flow after that has a nice pace.

am 19. September 2023, 11:18 Uhr von goshogi
Thanks! A straightforward puzzle

am 18. September 2023, 02:44 Uhr von PinkNickels
Very nice!

am 17. September 2023, 20:57 Uhr von lalitk0300
Very easy, very nice, thanks for sharing.

am 17. September 2023, 17:21 Uhr von sujoyku
Thank you for this nice parity killer puzzle, Cablr! For me the puzzle was approachable but not very easy. I have given 2/5 difficulty and would estimate it at 2,5/5. The solve has been a very entertaining challenge. Thank you for setting and sharing!

am 17. September 2023, 16:51 Uhr von OutOfMyMindBRB
It was a fun flow from start to finish - thanks :-)

For me it felt like 1-2 stars

Zuletzt geändert am 17. September 2023, 16:55 Uhr

am 17. September 2023, 16:43 Uhr von Cablr
Author note: As with my previous puzzle, I'd like to hear your feedback as to whether this is a 2 star difficulty puzzle, so please voice your opinion.

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