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The Climb

(Eingestellt am 14. September 2023, 00:23 Uhr von JADE)


1. Normal sudoku rules apply.

2. Digits in cages cannot repeat and must sum to the total given in the upper left corner of the cage.

3. Digits within cages must strictly increase vertically, from bottom to top.

4. Digits along an arrow sum to the digit in the attached circle and may repeat if allowed by other rules.

This is my first puzzle and I would love feedback!

Solve on f-puzzles! Solve on the CTC app!

Lösungscode: Enter the top row from left to right.

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Heute, 11:22 Uhr von phs
Very enjoyable puzzle but I have to second Cabir. Thermometers instead of the new "vertically increasing" stipulation would have made the puzzle more economical, more solver-friendly, and exactly as much fun. Keep it up! And thanks for sharing.

am 21. September 2023, 16:24 Uhr von erik
fun constraint

am 16. September 2023, 19:33 Uhr von DerTimonius
Overlooked the most important clue at first! Great start, keep up the good work!

am 15. September 2023, 20:12 Uhr von Tingo
This is a wonderful first puzzle. Congrats on joining the "setters" club! Very fun puzzle, and I absolutely loved the thermo-cages concept! Thanks for setting and sharing!

am 15. September 2023, 08:38 Uhr von chenws
fun puzzle!

am 15. September 2023, 04:47 Uhr von JADE
Fixed Link

am 15. September 2023, 04:46 Uhr von JADE
Added CTC app link

am 14. September 2023, 18:03 Uhr von michael_787
A CTC-Link would be useful. Playing from a mobile, F-Puzzles won't work for me since the grid is so small I cannot decipher anything.

am 14. September 2023, 17:46 Uhr von Cablr
I really enjoyed this puzzle. Perhaps thermometers in the cages would clarify/reinforce the rules

am 14. September 2023, 14:56 Uhr von PinkNickels
I started without reading the rules, got to a certain point and thought, "what the heck am i supposed to do!" haha. then read about ascending cages. thanks for sharing.

am 14. September 2023, 13:10 Uhr von Ragna
That was fun climbing! Very nice ruleset, good flow. Thank you for sharing and keep on setting. :-)

am 14. September 2023, 05:02 Uhr von JADE
Slight rules clarification.

am 14. September 2023, 05:00 Uhr von JADE
Numbers strictly increase bottom to top. For example if there was a six cage, the lowest digit would be 1, then 2 above it, then 3 above that.

am 14. September 2023, 03:05 Uhr von MonsieurTRISTE
Strictly increase vertically… from up to down, down to up, or both ways?

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