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This puzzle was set for Myxo's birthday.


Normal Sudoku rules apply, along with normal German Whisper (green), Palindrome (gray), Renban (purple), Region Sum Line (blue), Entropic Line (yellow), Even Square, and Kropki Pairs rules. No negative constraints.

-Sudoku: Place the digits 1-9 once each in every row, column, and 3x3 box.
-German Whisper: Adjacent digits along a green line must differ by 5 or more.
-Palindrome: Digits along a gray line must be in the same order when read from either end.
-Renban: Digits along a purple line must form a set of consecutive digits without repetition, in any order.
-Region Sum Line: Digits on a blue line must sum to the same total in each region the line visits.
-Entropic Line: Each group of three consecutive cells along a yellow line must contain a low digit (123), a middle digit (456), and a high digit (789).
-Even: Digits on a gray square must be even.
-Kropki Pairs: Digits separated by a white dot are consecutive. Digits separated by a black dot are in a 2:1 ratio. Not all dots are necessarily given.

Comments are always welcome. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the puzzle. Have fun!

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am 19. September 2023, 22:57 Uhr von rdesmarais2
I struggled but really enjoyed how all the mix of rules interacted with each other. Happy birthday Myxo.

am 12. September 2023, 08:00 Uhr von Myxo
Lovely puzzle with a varied and smooth path :) I really enjoyed this gift, thank you!

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