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Pluto (Dwarf Planet)

(Eingestellt am 25. Juni 2023, 20:03 Uhr von Blobz)

Pluto was discovered in 1930, the first object in the Kuiper belt. It was immediately hailed as the ninth planet, but it was always the odd object out and its planetary status was questioned when it was found to be much smaller than expected.

Pluto is made primarily of ice and rock, and has only one sixth the mass of Earth's moon, and one third its volume. Pluto's eccentric orbit periodically brings it closer to the Sun than Neptune, but a stable orbital resonance prevents them from colliding.

In 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) formally redefined the term `planet` to exclude dwarf planets such as Pluto. Many planetary astronomers, however, continue to consider Pluto and other dwarf planets to be planets.

Normal sudoku rules apply: Place the digits 1 to 4, once each, in every row, column and box.

Region Sum Lines: Digits along a blue line have an equal sum N within each box it passes through. Different lines may have different values for N.

Have fun, leave a comment if you enjoy the puzzle!

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Lösungscode: Row 1 followed by Row 4

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am 17. September 2023, 22:57 Uhr von PDN777
A fun snack! :-)

am 31. August 2023, 17:17 Uhr von RobertStartPlayer
First Puzzle I solved here since joining. starting easy!

am 19. Juli 2023, 15:15 Uhr von vorash00
Hardest part was keying in the solution code!! Because apparently I’m so used to 9x9 sudokus I think row 4 is the first one under the solid/thicker and line not the last row!!! Maybe I shouldn’t be here lol

Zuletzt geändert am 27. Juni 2023, 23:13 Uhr

am 27. Juni 2023, 23:12 Uhr von Something Wellesian
1:47 after correcting a very silly assumption.

Very easy but still satisfying to solve.

am 27. Juni 2023, 20:52 Uhr von BakBak
@kross wohoo beat you by 4 Seconds. ;)

Zuletzt geändert am 27. Juni 2023, 05:41 Uhr

am 27. Juni 2023, 05:02 Uhr von aerenhart
Dwarf Sudokus are still Sudokus!
My thoughts exactly! :D

am 27. Juni 2023, 01:06 Uhr von kross
Wow I'm the slow one of the bunch. It took me 1:59 :)

am 26. Juni 2023, 16:06 Uhr von mayflower
Very enjoyable!

am 26. Juni 2023, 16:03 Uhr von Solved647
Fun little test, even if it was over quickly. Good with my first coffee of the day :)

am 26. Juni 2023, 07:16 Uhr von Tingo
The most enjoyable 40 seconds of my day. Thanks for sharing!

Zuletzt geändert am 25. Juni 2023, 23:21 Uhr

am 25. Juni 2023, 23:21 Uhr von Silverscree
26 seconds woohoo!

am 25. Juni 2023, 21:52 Uhr von nunc
Very, very easy. But still enjoyable.

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