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(Eingestellt am 28. Mai 2023, 20:49 Uhr von zetamath)

Normal Fillomino Rules : Break the grid entirely into ominos. Into each cell, place the size of the omino that contains it. Ominos of the same size cannot touch.

(Modified) Chocona Rules : Shade some cells in the grid so that all shaded cells are part of a rectangle (or square) of shaded cells of size strictly larger than 1x1. Every omino contains at least one shaded cell, but the shaded cells within an omino can have any number or configuration.

Arrows : An arrow always marks the border between two ominos. In addition, the number in an omino with an arrow gives the number of shaded cells in the omino it points at. For example, if a 2 is on an arrow pointing at a 4-omino, then exactly 2 of those 4 cells are shaded.

Negative constraint : All possible orthogonal arrows are given.

One cell has been shaded for you. You're welcome.

Below is an example of what a completed 6x6 grid might look like. You can play this puzzle here.

Have fun, leave a comment if you enjoy the puzzle!

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PS: I stream solving sudoku like puzzles three days a week. You can check out the channel, as well as some videos I have made about setting puzzles, at my YouTube channel here.

Lösungscode: The shaded cells from row 8, in order

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am 19. Juni 2023, 03:58 Uhr von wand
this was a blast to solve. fairly smooth once it's all absorbed. thank you for the shaded cell!

am 16. Juni 2023, 19:04 Uhr von Agent
Very cool puzzle, fantastic use or the negative constraint!

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am 7. Juni 2023, 17:10 Uhr von Yann
Awesome puzzle, I loved the ending around the big region. The negative constraint is incredibly powerful and fun. Also, thanks for the shaded cell, it helped a lot. Congrats on 100% !
On another topic, I have been starting to set some puzzles, I wonder whether you could solve one on stream, I would like to see other people solve it and I don't have Discord. Can I send the link in this comment (I totally understand if you don't accept puzzles from LMD comments)?
In any case, thanks for this puzzle.

[Thanks for the nice comments! If your puzzles are posted to LMD I'm happy to give them a look, as long as I have permission to do whatever I find on stream! - z]

Well that's actually the problem, I don't feel safe sharing private informations on LMD (and I also don't have an e-mail address), so your streams are the only way for other people to solve my puzzles.
ps will you post here the Hestia deconstruction puzzle with the odd/even bridge constraint?

am 6. Juni 2023, 06:48 Uhr von zhall12570
This was my nightmare. Great puzzle

am 3. Juni 2023, 04:06 Uhr von twototenth
Outstanding - clever logic throughout, always challenging but never unfair.

am 30. Mai 2023, 19:24 Uhr von Phistomefel
Awesome puzzle! Thanks, zetamath! :)

am 29. Mai 2023, 23:49 Uhr von Christounet
Wonderful ! I had a bit of struggle, because I thought the rectangle areas were able to touch orthogonally (I don't think the rules made the precision they don't), but once I made the assumption they couldn't, it went very smoothly. Loved the MIA-mi-esque reminiscence in there with that powerful negative constraint ! Thanks :)

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am 29. Mai 2023, 10:22 Uhr von AceOfSpades
Once I remembered the negative constraint existed the puzzle was super smooth! Thanks :D

(also minor thing, but in the 6x6 example shouldn't r6c3 have an arrow pointing up?)

[Oh wow, you are totally right, at least it wasn't in the real puzzle! I will try to remember to fix it in a couple days! -z]

am 29. Mai 2023, 09:07 Uhr von Chefofdeath
Beautiful puzzle :) really enjoyed that negative constraint, and the ending was so fun! Thank you :)

am 29. Mai 2023, 00:53 Uhr von KNT
Enjoyed this one much much more than I expected to. Loved the ending in particular!

am 29. Mai 2023, 00:48 Uhr von Euclid
This was one of best use of a negative constraint that I've ever seen in a puzzle. I normally don't enjoy them that much, but this was so natural and powerful with the rule set. I really loved it!

am 29. Mai 2023, 00:15 Uhr von Jesper
Wonderful combination, thanks!

am 29. Mai 2023, 00:11 Uhr von Xendari
Exceptional puzzle! Loved the negative constraint (except for a 20 minutes of ignoring something obvious) & interactions throughout. Thanks :)

am 28. Mai 2023, 20:59 Uhr von Niverio
Very nice puzzle! Enjoyed learning basics of Chocona :D

am 28. Mai 2023, 20:54 Uhr von MicroStudy
i love rectangles

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