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R is for arrows

(Eingestellt am 26. Mai 2023, 10:10 Uhr von chameleon)

Normal sudoku rules.
Standard arrows. Digits on an arrow sum to the digit in the circle. Digits may repeat on an arrow.

Solve online: SudokuPad

Lösungscode: Digits of row 4

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Heute, 00:27 Uhr von antiknight
Cool idea ^^

Gestern, 23:43 Uhr von Piatato
Very smooth and fun one, thanks!

Gestern, 21:12 Uhr von jwsinclair
Absolutely loved this! Maybe the best pure arrow puzzle I've ever played, and I realize that's saying a lot.

Gestern, 19:31 Uhr von Playmaker6174
Excellent puzzle! Clean and fun logic throughout :)

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Gestern, 11:18 Uhr von Sonki
Exceptional puzzle, thank you :)

Gestern, 09:56 Uhr von udukos
Wonderful puzzle!

am 27. Mai 2023, 17:16 Uhr von GeorgeTheToad2
Wonderful break-in followed by some very clever arrow logic. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece Chameleon.

am 27. Mai 2023, 15:43 Uhr von Vebby
Lovely! :)

am 27. Mai 2023, 03:06 Uhr von Calvinball
Exquisite, clever, and wonderfully original.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

am 27. Mai 2023, 01:17 Uhr von Silverscree
This is a great example of when the break-in truly feels like I've broken the puzzle and suddenly everything flies to the end

am 26. Mai 2023, 22:26 Uhr von slowbiex
Had a hard time to find the break-in, after that it was very smooth.
Thanks for setting.

am 26. Mai 2023, 22:03 Uhr von Prof.Dori
I don't think I ever seen more elegant or better sudoku with just arrow sums. Great job!

am 26. Mai 2023, 21:17 Uhr von Myxo
Beautiful idea and brilliantly executed!

am 26. Mai 2023, 16:22 Uhr von Phistomefel
So many beautiful pieces of logic - thank you, Chameleon! :)

am 26. Mai 2023, 15:53 Uhr von chameleon
Thank you!

am 26. Mai 2023, 15:05 Uhr von DVFrank
Very nice! :^)

Zuletzt geändert am 26. Mai 2023, 13:16 Uhr

am 26. Mai 2023, 13:15 Uhr von by81996672
Very good puzzle, interesting design, thank you!

am 26. Mai 2023, 13:11 Uhr von mihel111
Very nice pieces of logic. Well done.

am 26. Mai 2023, 13:06 Uhr von Xendari
Very clever, thanks!

am 26. Mai 2023, 12:19 Uhr von Snookerfan
Excellent! Thank you

am 26. Mai 2023, 11:22 Uhr von Elliott810
Beautiful construction! Thanks:)

am 26. Mai 2023, 10:22 Uhr von ademjaz
Very clever and enjoyable puzzle!

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