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Doubles and Doubles

(Eingestellt am 25. Mai 2023, 19:54 Uhr von Miles__)

Doubles and Doubles

  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Black Kropki Dots: Digits separated by a black Kropki dot must be in a 1:2 ratio.
  • X: Digits separated by an X must sum to 10.
  • Thermometer: Digits along a Thermometer must increase from bulb to tip.
  • Palindromes: Digits along a blue Palindrome line must read the same from both directions.
  • Killer Cage: The digits in a cage may not repeat and must sum to the total given in the top left corner.

F-puzzles link: Click Here

CTC app link: Click Here


Lösungscode: Enter the digits in row 6.

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Heute, 01:53 Uhr von sacklunch
Fantastic puzzle! Thank you for setting and sharing. :)

Gestern, 19:31 Uhr von dennischen
Funny number, fun puzzle!

am 27. Mai 2023, 22:44 Uhr von Ragna
Super tricky fun puzzle!!!
Thank you for sharing.
Please go on!

am 27. Mai 2023, 16:27 Uhr von haligonian
What a beautiful puzzle! Really well done. It was a twisty bit of logic between all of the given clues to finally sort the thermos, cages, and palindrome. Once I broke that, it was smooth sailing. A 2.5/5 in my opinion.

Well done :)

am 26. Mai 2023, 13:40 Uhr von Miles__
Thanks ViKing!

am 26. Mai 2023, 00:01 Uhr von ViKingPrime
An amazing first-showing! Welcome to the world of setting.

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