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This puzzle is dedicated to everyone who like me feels like an absolute noob when solving u-bahn puzzles. Big thanks to ctc discord/LMD members Piatato, Metze, polar and kays for testing one or more of the puzzles.


-(circles) Draw a circle in some cells.
-(lines) Draw some lines going orthogonally through the centers of the cells, each line starts and ends in a circle, no line can touch or intersect itself or any other line in any way except at the endpoints.
-(faces) The network created by the circles and lines must be connected and divides the grid into areas - these will be called faces.

-(clues) Each clue represents one of the following:
(a) in a cell with a circle - number of line endings in that circle,
(b) in a cell with a line (without circle) - number of edges the line crosses,
(c) in a cell without circle/line - the number of empty cells in the face containing the clued cell.
-Each circle, line and area has assigned exactly one clue.


In the first example there are two faces (in blue and orange). The blue one contains one empty cell (R2C2) as indicated in that cell itself. The orange one contains two empty cells (R45C5) as indicated in R5C5. Also note that there is a line that starts and ends in the same circle. That is allowed.
In the second example there are again two faces (in pink and green). The green one has one empty cell (R4C3 indicated in that cell), the pink one contains two empty cells (R1C1 and R5C1) as indicated in R5C1 - note that a group of empty cells doesn't have to be connected, it only has to lie in the same face.

Solve online via penpa+ - answer check on lines and circles (option 1 or 2 size M):
example 1 (easy)
example 2 (not so easy)
main puzzle

Lösungscode: column 4 - write L for a line, C for a circle and E for an empty cell

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am 31. Mai 2023, 16:15 Uhr von Piatato
Amazing! The opening phase is very elegant and fun, and then the puzzle never stops teaching you all sorts of fascinating little things. Loved it!

am 30. Mai 2023, 00:24 Uhr von Myxo
An absolutely incredible marathon, enjoyable from start to finish and packed with interesting deductions!

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am 28. Mai 2023, 16:21 Uhr von Jesper
A very interesting and challenging puzzle, thanks!
Thank you!

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am 28. Mai 2023, 03:50 Uhr von RJBlarmo
Incredible puzzle! Looks intimidating at first but I think the intended steps are well telegraphed. Very fun from start to finish!
Thanks a lot! Happy you liked it so much.

am 27. Mai 2023, 20:30 Uhr von filuta
Fixed typos. Thanks Vebby!

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