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Heyawake Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 23. Mai 2023, 16:11 Uhr von rockratzero)

Heyawake Sudoku

Normal Sudoku Rules Apply
Fill each row, column, and 3x3 region with the digits 1-9 with no repeats.

Heyawake Rules Apply
Shade some cells in the grid.
Shaded cells cannot share an edge with each other.
The unshaded cells must form an orthogonally-connected area.
The number contained in each circle indicates how many cells must be shaded in that region.
There cannot be a horizontal or vertical line of unshaded cells that goes through 2 or more region borders.

Killer Cage Sums. The digits in cages may not repeat and must sum to the value given in the top left of the cage.
Shaded cells do not contribute to the total.

Play on Penpa+ (preferred for full answer check)

Play on SudokuPad (answer check in digits only)

Lösungscode: Digits in column 8 of completed solution grid.

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am 26. Mai 2023, 23:33 Uhr von Superdamicobros
What a wonderful puzzle. About to watch the feature on CTC. Took me three tries to finish but I made it there in the end. Cheers!

am 25. Mai 2023, 04:48 Uhr von Chefofdeath
That was such a beautiful and smooth solve! The heyawake twist in the rules really made this puzzle feel incredibly fresh and added some really interesting interactions throughout the entire puzzle! Thank you for sharing :)

am 25. Mai 2023, 03:31 Uhr von Calvinball
Cracked it! That was superbly elegant and sufficiently challenging for me. But I'm rather proud to call this my first Heyawake solve.

Thanks for taking your time to set this, and thanks for answering my rules question so thoroughly.

am 24. Mai 2023, 05:29 Uhr von rockratzero
Small rules rewording for clarity.

am 23. Mai 2023, 18:17 Uhr von Sandra&Nala
Really nice hybrid :)

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