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(Eingestellt am 18. Mai 2023, 04:40 Uhr von EricRathbun)

  • Normal Sudoku Rules apply.
  • Normal Arrow Rules apply.
  • Digits cannot repeat within a cage.
  • Digits separated by a white dot have a difference of one while digits separated by a black dot are in a 1:2 ratio. Not all dots are given.

The puzzle can be played here:


Hope you enjoy the puzzle. Comments appreciated.

Lösungscode: Top row left to right

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am 18. Juli 2023, 06:48 Uhr von uvo_mod
Added Sudoku tag.

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am 26. Mai 2023, 14:25 Uhr von Montikulum
I found the break-in very tough and would thus go for 3 stars rather than 2. Having said that, it was very pleasing to claw through proper steps in order to unravel the puzzle. Very well set; once the initial hurdles are overcome, the rest certainly gets easier.
Response from Eric: Montikulum, the puzzle was originally set for three stars, but the rating went down based on those who solved it. Congratulations on solving it.

Zuletzt geändert am 19. Mai 2023, 13:28 Uhr

am 19. Mai 2023, 09:03 Uhr von Ridhwan
Great puzzle. Thanks! :)
Response from Eric: Thanks Ridhwan. Glad you liked it and congratulations in solving it.

Zuletzt geändert am 19. Mai 2023, 13:28 Uhr

am 19. Mai 2023, 08:09 Uhr von marcmees
smooth solve. nice pattern. thanks.
Response from Eric: marcmees, you're welcome. Glad you liked it.

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