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Hybrid Star Battle Series (018) - Paintarea

(Eingestellt am 9. Mai 2023, 21:33 Uhr von BenceJoful)


For this Hybrid Star Battle Series I will be sharing a new puzzle each week combining Star Battle with another puzzle genre. This week's genre is Paintarea.

With many of these genres, there are rules that I choose not to use in my hybrid - in this case, Paintarea allows clues which give the number of bordering shaded cells, but I preferred not to in this puzzle. When that happens, I leave the unnecessary rules off, and still say "standard rules apply", even though it's a subset. What do you think, should I keep the unnecessary rules for completeness, or leave them off for simplicity?


Standard Paintarea rules apply, and standard Star Battle (Small Regions) rules apply to the unshaded regions.

  • Paintarea: Shade some cells so that each region is either fully shaded or fully unshaded and all shaded cells form one orthogonally connected area. No 2x2 area may be entirely shaded or unshaded.
  • Star Battle (Small Regions): Place stars into some cells such that each row and column contains exactly 2 stars, and each unshaded region contains 1 star. Stars may not touch one another, not even diagonally.


Solve on Penpa+

8x8 2-star Example (Penpa+ link):

Lösungscode: Along row 8, then column 8: if the cell is a star, give *. Otherwise give S for shaded or U for unshaded. In the above 2-star example, the solution code is USUU*S*U U*U*SSSU.

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am 9. Mai 2023, 23:54 Uhr von szabog
Very good ruleset, the two rules beautifully work together. One vote for the simplest rule explanation. (For example, it was my first paintarea puzzle - any extra, not applied rules are just confusing). Also, you are a legend, you make your own rules :)

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