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Peregrine (13x13 Chaos Deconstruction)

(Eingestellt am 30. April 2023, 16:27 Uhr von Xendari)

This puzzle is a chaos deconstruction with roller coaster clues, primarily inspired by recent puzzles with similar rulesets by tallcat and KNT, both of which I highly recommend solving. Although I am very comfortable with chaos deconstruction as a solver, this was my first time setting one, and... well, it was certainly an experience. I'm definitely happy I saw the idea through to completion, though. Enjoy the ride!


Chaos Deconstruction: Nine regions consisting of the digits 1-9 must be located within the 13x13 grid. Two regions may not touch each other orthogonally, but may touch diagonally. Digits may not repeat in any row, column, or region. Cells outside of a region do not contain digits.

Roller Coaster: Draw a non-intersecting loop that travels orthogonally between the centers of some cells in the grid. Clues on the left give the sum of digits on horizontal loop segments in that row in the correct order. Clues above give the sum of digits on vertical loop segments in that column in the correct order. A "?" may replace any value from 0-9, but for double digit numbers, the first digit may not be 0. A "*" indicates one loop segment with an arbitrary sum. For each row or column, either all or no clues are provided.

On a single round trip of the loop, every region must be visited exactly once. If an empty cell is on a loop segment referenced by Roller Coaster clues, it contributes 0 to that sum.


Example Puzzle
This 7x7 example puzzle and its solution should demonstrate the ruleset. Note the change of rules to five regions of the digits 1-5.

Solve online: Penpa+ | SudokuPad



Solve online: Penpa+ | SudokuPad

This puzzle is quite difficult, but it will become slightly easier and far smoother with the use of proper notation throughout the solve, such as drawing an X between a border that the loop is known not to cross. You may also find it helpful in terms of visual clarity to only use grey shading to mark region borders, as the edge tool can interfere with loop scanning. Feel free to leave a hidden comment if you get stuck.

Lösungscode: Die Ziffern in Spalte 11, wobei Zellen außerhalb von Regionen durch "X" ersetzt werden.

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am 4. September 2023, 11:19 Uhr von Piatato
Wonderful puzzle! I somehow missed it when it came out, so I'm very happy that I noticed it through the recent comments. So much fascinating and fun logic throughout!

am 28. August 2023, 15:12 Uhr von Snookerfan
Brilliant puzzle with the best finish to chaos deconstruction/loop drawing I have ever seen! Thank you

am 26. August 2023, 13:13 Uhr von Niverio
Stellar! Even though I am not the biggest Roller Coaster fan, this one was splendid.

am 17. August 2023, 01:33 Uhr von lerroyy
Very nice puzzles, thanks!

am 19. Mai 2023, 15:52 Uhr von Silverstep
very smooth and relaxing. didn't feel stuck at any point.

am 12. Mai 2023, 16:20 Uhr von madhupt
Amazing puzzle! Did not appreciate the rule that regions may not touch orthogonally for too long. After that! It was very smooth. Thanks a lot for sharing this fantastic piece of art.

am 2. Mai 2023, 22:44 Uhr von Agent
Fantastic puzzle, I broke it so many times but it was worth it! I loved how the ending is all forced out of nowhere.

am 2. Mai 2023, 14:08 Uhr von Christounet
Beautiful !!!
Loved ervery step if this puzzle, and there were a lot of them, with very different kind of logic all around. Thanks !!

am 1. Mai 2023, 16:48 Uhr von abed hawila
Exceptional puzzle! loved it.

am 1. Mai 2023, 03:33 Uhr von polar
Very fun puzzle thanks!

am 1. Mai 2023, 01:49 Uhr von KNT
Awesome puzzle!

am 1. Mai 2023, 00:37 Uhr von worsted

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