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Rattus Protectus Caseus

(Eingestellt am 22. April 2023, 14:52 Uhr von rockratzero)

Rattus Protectus Caseus

Results of the first ever Small Furry Mammal Puzzle Setting Convention. rockratzero and rät present a collaborative puzzle for your consideration...

Normal Sudoku Rules Apply
Whisk(p)ers. Adjacent digits on a green line must vary by at least 5.
(thermometers). Digits on the grey thermometer line must strictly increase from the bulb end.
Spots (odd/even). Shaded circles must contain odd digits; shaded squares must contain even digits. [r6c5 is odd as well as the thermo bulb].
Cheese (entropy). Any 2x2 square within orange/yellow boxes must include at least one low digit [1,2,3], one medium digit [4,5,6], and one high digit [7,8,9]. Only boxes completely located in the cheese must follow those rules.

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Lösungscode: Digits in the solved grid from column 5, top to bottom. (9 digits)

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am 26. April 2023, 18:33 Uhr von Johannes Quack
Nice puzzle, but two superfluous clues:
1.r3c9 odd (obviously...)
2.r6c5 odd (not obviously, but not hard to conclude)

rrz - Absolutely, they were left in the puzzle in the hopes of telegraphing some of the solve path.

am 26. April 2023, 12:35 Uhr von anyeyeball
Very fun puzzle. Thanks!

am 24. April 2023, 00:21 Uhr von HumanBirdsong
Neat puzzle :)

am 23. April 2023, 04:54 Uhr von Awashie
smooth solve, very enjoyable :)

am 22. April 2023, 17:43 Uhr von GeorgeTheToad2
Cats and whiskers seems to be a popular theme today, another enjoyable puzzle. Thank you for setting.

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am 22. April 2023, 16:15 Uhr von Calvinball
This one had a really nice flow, I particularly enjoyed how the cheese came into play. And I'm not sure who put it there but the unexpected animation got a laugh out of me.

Thanks for taking your time to set this!

rrz - Thanks for your comment. The animation is a feature of the solving app, which setters cannot control as far as I know. Not sure how I feel about it. But glad you enjoyed the puzzle!

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