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Disorderly Conduct

(Eingestellt am 18. März 2023, 05:28 Uhr von Allagem)

I love constraints that seem to conflict with each other and I wanted to set a puzzle with renban lines. Although it isn't as common as some other constraints, it occurred to me that global entropy, first introduced by Mad-Tyas, has some pretty interesting interactions with renbans because they seek to achieve opposite things - renban lines want to chain similar digits together, while global entropy specifically wants to spread similar digits apart. The tug of war between these two constraints makes for a perfect puzzle playground! This puzzle was quite fun to both design and test, so I definitely encourage other setters to play around with global entropy. I think the difficulty of this puzzle starts around 2-stars but climbs to about 3-stars by the end of the solve, so I am going to publish it as a 3-star difficulty. I hope you enjoy my latest puzzle, Disorderly Conduct!

Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Renban Lines: Digits on a pink line form a non-repeating, consecutive set of numbers in any order.

Kropki Pairs: Digits separated by the black dot have a 2:1 ratio.

Global Entropy: Every 2x2 box in the grid contains at least one low digit (1,2,3), at least one middle digit (4,5,6), and at least one high digit (7,8,9).

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Lösungscode: Row 7 followed by column 3. (18 digits, no spaces)

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am 20. März 2023, 20:42 Uhr von Awashie
Lovely puzzle, very smooth and enjoyable! :)

am 18. März 2023, 19:12 Uhr von Blobz
Very smooth solve path. Great puzzle, thanks!

am 18. März 2023, 19:01 Uhr von Nylimb
I agree, that's a nice combination of rules! Thanks.

am 18. März 2023, 18:54 Uhr von GorgeousNicko

am 18. März 2023, 18:48 Uhr von Mad-Tyas
This puzzle is a great introduction to entropy/renban logic!

am 18. März 2023, 06:46 Uhr von Ambrose
Nice setting, I enjoyed the solve!

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