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To navigate the maze, find a path that starts on the S hex and finishes on the F hex. The path must travel directly from the center of a hex to the center of an adjacent hex, but can never make a turn sharper than 90°.

Find the most efficient path through the maze for the solution!

Here is a clarification of the rules:

You can play this puzzle online using:


Hope you enjoy!

Lösungscode: Describe the 8 hexes in row 2 using a 1 for a hex with the path through it and a 0 for a hex without the path in it. I.e. the code "0110" would mean the path passes through the 2nd and 3rd hexes in the row, but not the 1st or the 4th.

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am 18. März 2023, 16:50 Uhr von Knickolas
Clarified rules so that there should only be one solution now!

am 18. März 2023, 16:29 Uhr von wooferzfg
Very nice puzzle, but I agree that there are still multiple solutions & solution codes even with the additional wall.

am 18. März 2023, 15:40 Uhr von KNT
Really cool idea, but I don't think the puzzle (and solution code) is unique.

am 17. März 2023, 22:06 Uhr von Myxo
Awesome idea and execution!

am 17. März 2023, 18:01 Uhr von Vebby
Unusual and interesting!

Rule clarification: A cell is allowed to be visited multiple times.

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am 17. März 2023, 15:39 Uhr von Niverio
Small mind bender! Enjoyed figuring out the secrets of orientation :D


Thank you! I'm glad you had fun solving it :)

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Hexagonal Labyrinth

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