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Shade Your Own Sum Lines

(Eingestellt am 17. März 2023, 02:08 Uhr von Xendari)

Shade Your Own Sum Lines
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Sudoku: Es gelten die normalen Sudoku-Regeln.
Schattierung: Schattieren Sie einige Zellen im Raster so, dass alle schattierten Zellen orthogonal verbunden sind. Die Ziffer in einem Kreis gibt die Anzahl der schattierten Zellen in seinem 3x3-Feld an. Nicht alle Kreise sind angegeben. Innerhalb jeder 3x3-Box müssen sich orthogonal verbundene Gruppen schattierter Zellen zu N summieren, wobei N für alle Boxen gleich ist. Orthogonal verbundene Gruppen schattierter Zellen innerhalb derselben Box summieren sich einzeln zu N.

Online lösen: SudokuPad (with solution check) | F-Puzzles | Penpa (with solution check, thanks Piatato!)

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am 23. März 2023, 06:26 Uhr von SudokuHero
Absolutely loved the break in, and the logic throughout was very pretty.

am 21. März 2023, 14:18 Uhr von antiknight
Beautiful puzzle with awesome deductions :)

am 20. März 2023, 20:41 Uhr von Klausku
Absolutely brilliant. One of my all-time favourites. I especially liked the break in and how the puzzle disambiguates at the end. Thanks!

am 20. März 2023, 14:51 Uhr von Christounet
Miraculously good ! Loved the chain of deduction you need to make before you even start putting anything in the grid ! Thanks.

am 20. März 2023, 14:49 Uhr von vidarino
Fantastic puzzle! Fresh and varied logic throughout the entire solve.

am 19. März 2023, 17:19 Uhr von Nalinchen
Wow, what I cool idea! Took me a while to understand the path logic (initially I thought of snake logic), but I really enjoyed the deductions along the path and had a great time solving the puzzle!

am 19. März 2023, 05:29 Uhr von GranCombat
Simply brilliant. This is one of the first Cracking the Cryptic puzzles I've seen through to the end on my own, and the logic is absolutely beautiful the entire way through. It took a little bit of breaking the world to figure out that I had made an incorrect assumption, and I'm not sure if I really solved the other path with proper logic, but either way I was floored the entire time with how seamlessly Xendari guides the solver through their maze. "Take a bow," as Simon would say.

am 19. März 2023, 00:50 Uhr von Barrels
Really really good. Thank you for the awesome puzzle!

am 18. März 2023, 19:54 Uhr von Playmaker6174
I'm actually surprised at how you managed to make this one work so wonderfully, and there're lots of surprising moments that made me excited till the very end. Very well done there Xendari ;)

am 18. März 2023, 18:17 Uhr von Agent
Fantastic puzzle! Great idea and you absolutely nailed it :)

am 18. März 2023, 18:14 Uhr von madhupt
A wonderful puzzle. An absolute joy to solve. Got a bit stuck when reached box 2, but a beautiful piece of logic got me through. Thanks a lot for sharing.

am 18. März 2023, 17:40 Uhr von Franjo
This is one of the best puzzles I’ve ever solved! Thank you so much, Xendari! You made me happy.

am 18. März 2023, 16:57 Uhr von Fool on Hill
Beautiful puzzle - a joy to solve. Thought I had broken it twice only to spot what I had missed after a bit of thought.

am 18. März 2023, 02:48 Uhr von RJBlarmo
Beautiful construction, highly recommend it as well!

am 18. März 2023, 02:29 Uhr von Knickolas
Wow that was incredible fun! The way the entire solve neatly unraveled with each deduction was fantastic and showed the master-level setting that went into creating it. I would definitely recommend giving this one a try! :)

am 18. März 2023, 00:55 Uhr von britboy3456
A work of art

am 18. März 2023, 00:55 Uhr von Piatato
Awesome puzzle! I first spent two hours thinking it was an extremely relentless, monstrous puzzle, but in the end it's a very approachable and fun puzzle when you solve it with the correct ruleset in mind. I first thought that I was gonna find a standard kind of path (one cell wide, non branching etc.), and that worked out really horribly for me xD

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am 17. März 2023, 19:00 Uhr von jhow25
To clarify, does "3x3 box" mean a box centered at the circle?

Also, "Within each 3x3 box, orthogonally connected groups of shaded cells must sum to N, where N is the same for all boxes." I don't totally understand. Does this mean that the orthogonally connected cells within a 3x3 box sum to a N or a multiple of N? How does this "Orthogonally connected groups of shaded cells within the same box sum to N individually." differ from the former rule?

Hi, the circles ‘3x3 box’ count is the sudoku boxes - i.e., r7c7 could reference r8c9 but not r6c7.

The second part of the rule is standard for region sum lines but probably overkill here. If N was 8, and there’s one orthogonally connected group in a box, it sums to 8 - and if there were two orthogonally connected groups, they both sum to 8 individually.

Got it. Thanks!

am 17. März 2023, 09:48 Uhr von thoughtbyte
Wonderful! So smooth, I didn't want it to end. Thanks!

am 17. März 2023, 09:27 Uhr von Jesper
Very elegant! Really well constructed.

am 17. März 2023, 08:56 Uhr von Niverio
That was absolutely incredible, thanks a lot for sharing!

am 17. März 2023, 06:27 Uhr von GarageDoorOpener
This puzzle was a really fun solve especially the last push to the end. Highly recommend people give it a shot

am 17. März 2023, 03:09 Uhr von Blobz
Such a fun puzzle! From the break-in, all the way to the finish. Highly recommended you give this one a shot.

am 17. März 2023, 02:41 Uhr von KNT
this is seriously an awesome puzzle and construction. it's really not all that hard but there's one moment that's magical in the top half of the grid. hugely recommend solving this

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