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Burn the Candles at Both Ends

(Eingestellt am 19. März 2023, 04:00 Uhr von Will Power)

Normal Sudoku rules apply. Numbers on lines are between the numbers in the circles at the ends of the line. Numbers can repeat on lines, if other rules allow. Numbers in two-cell cages sum to the clue in the top left corner of the cage. Clues in the top left corner of cages with a circle are the sum of the numbers in the two circles on that line.


Solve on CTC

Lösungscode: Row 3 and column 3.

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am 21. März 2023, 02:20 Uhr von wenchang
Very NICE again, Will Power! Spoiler alert!

am 20. März 2023, 00:44 Uhr von larmoejr
That was fun! Thanks!

am 19. März 2023, 20:06 Uhr von Bonehead
While fairly easy, The interaction between elements was very good, especially mid solve. Thanks.

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