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Utterly A Maze Thing

(Eingestellt am 12. März 2023, 19:01 Uhr von fjam)

The maze is back, and this time, it's chaos!

This is a follow up to my previous puzzle: Absolutely A Maze Thing
  • Normal Chaos Construction rules apply.
  • Digits along an arrow must sum to the digit in that arrow's circle. Every arrow must cross exactly one region border.
  • Navigate the maze by carefully plotting an orthogonally connected path from the green cell to the red cell. The path must include every cell containing an arrow, first entering the bulb and then travelling directly along the arrow. Every cell in the grid is associated with a cardinal direction (NOSW), given by its digit modulo 4. The path must exit every cell it enters according to these directions. Which direction corresponds to which digits is to be discovered.
  • Digits in cells containing pointing arrows are equal to the number of cells seen in the indicated directions combined, including themselves, where region borders obstruct vision. At least one cell must be seen in each indicated direction. The path does not have to enter these cells.

Löse SudokuPad

Löse Penpa

Answer check for SudokuPad just requires digits, while Penpa requires blue digits, green edges for regions and a green line for the maze path.

Lösungscode: Zeile 4, Zeile 7

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am 17. Mai 2023, 15:06 Uhr von madhupt
This is an amazing and extremely intricate puzzle. Got stuck at so many places but the loop and modulo came to rescue each time. Can’t believe I was able to solve it finally. Thanks a lot fjam. You are a genius.

am 26. März 2023, 11:26 Uhr von CptHampton
Had to give this a try after your other maze puzzle. Considerably more difficult, but extremely satisfying finding each piece of logic.

am 18. März 2023, 06:17 Uhr von Lavender Gooms
Very fun, thank you!

am 12. März 2023, 19:04 Uhr von Myxo
Neat puzzle!

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