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(Just Anti-Knight) ⟶ JAK-2

(Eingestellt am 10. März 2023, 20:08 Uhr von Stargazing Albatross)

This is my 2nd sudoku with 'Just Anti-Knight' besides the normal rules. (JAK-1). I think this puzzle is harder than the last one. But, if you scroll down you can find that I also added an easier option to this sudoku.

Whichever one you try, I hope you enjoy the solve! :-)


Normal sudoku rules apply.

Anti-Knight's move: Cells separated by a knight's move (in chess) cannot contain the same digit.

The puzzle:

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Easier option:

While setting this sudoku I found that giving the digit in the central cell (r5c5) makes this puzzle a little easier. It also keeps the symmetry in the puzzle's design, and should still make for a fun solve.

You can solve the easier option here:

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P.S. Please give your ratings for the original/harder version (shown above).

Lösungscode: row 9 (left to right)

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am 22. Mai 2023, 01:06 Uhr von chain.reader
I failed to solve the regular one, even with one attempt at a guessed digit - I tried the second version and solved it but that took quite some wrangling,
resorted to colouring paired pencilmarks near the end. And that worked well actually.
Also, my guessed digit in the first version turned out to be a correct guess (and yet insufficient to solve... lol)

am 29. März 2023, 16:07 Uhr von geronimo92
Evil puzzle !

am 12. März 2023, 00:11 Uhr von alisonsky2
I did the easy one.

am 11. März 2023, 23:21 Uhr von Stargazing Albatross
Changed difficulty

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