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Double or Nothing (Arrow X)

(Eingestellt am 5. März 2023, 18:25 Uhr von tallcat)

When I first started setting sudoku, arrow was my first love as a constraint and I like to refresh my memory every now and then. When I started this one, it felt almost 'anti-Four Corners' given the way the arrows and logic play out - but I still like how it came together. Happy solving!

Normal Sudoku rules apply

Arrows: Digits on arrows must sum to the digit in the circle.

Sudoku X: Digits 1-9 must appear on each diagonal once only.

Can be found at f-puzzles or CTC

Lösungscode: Row 2 (left to right) followed by column 7 (top to bottom). 18 digits, no spaces.

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am 8. März 2023, 15:21 Uhr von Mr.CHEN
A Chinese solve video(SPOILER ALERT):https://b23.tv/c81TsxA

am 7. März 2023, 15:01 Uhr von sdlay2
Very nice, incredibly pretty puzzle :)

am 7. März 2023, 06:25 Uhr von Nordy
Very nice minimalism, and a wide variety of logic! 2.5 stars for me :)

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am 6. März 2023, 21:39 Uhr von Paquet Voleur
I feel like the deductions, though none was particularly tricky, were discovered using a wide variety of methods. It made the overall difficulty of the puzzle hard for me to evaluate. I feel like 2 stars could be fair, but as someone also mentioned, it took me a bit longer than other 2-star rated puzzles, and also left me with an impression of richness that seems to deserve more than 2 stars. I abstained rating the difficulty because I'm unsure, and only rated the beauty of it, which got my full approval. Thanks!

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am 6. März 2023, 18:59 Uhr von peep50183
I'd genuinely love to know how I was supposed to solve this because I don't normally take 63 mins to solve a 2* xD but thank you for setting this because it was lovely :)

EDIT: I am glad you enjoyed it. I am surprised it ended up as 2/5 in the end as I felt there were enough tricky spots for it to be a 3/5 - but the solvers have spoken!

am 5. März 2023, 21:08 Uhr von antiknight
Cool ending but it's at most 2 stars :)

am 5. März 2023, 20:03 Uhr von Piatato
Nice minimalistic puzzle! I don't think it's anywhere close to 3/5, though, it at least felt like 1.4/5 for me. :)

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