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I Love You and Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 21. Februar 2023, 11:49 Uhr von Kirra)

I made this puzzle for Valentines Day 2023 for the two Sudoku lovers in my life.

This is the first puzzle I have uploaded so comments and suggestions are most welcome. I hope you enjoy!

The rules:
Normal 6x6 Sudoku rules apply. Along Thermometers digits strictly increase from the bulb end. The digit in the square in Row 2, Column 4 is even.

The puzzle can be played at F-Puzzles here!

The puzzle can be played on the CTC webapp here!

Lösungscode: Column 5 then Row 2 (12 Characters)

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am 14. März 2023, 14:53 Uhr von GeorgeTheToad2
Lovely puzzle

am 14. März 2023, 09:49 Uhr von Kirra
Thankyou all for the wonderful comments, I plan to keep working on puzzle setting and look forward to bringing you more to solve in the future.

am 4. März 2023, 07:07 Uhr von Ryx
Nice intro puzzle. Ignore negative comments saying otherwise ;-)

am 3. März 2023, 19:30 Uhr von alanb
Thank you for this, my kids are interested in variant sudoku and they ask me how you can solve with no given digits, tough to find puzzles they can solve completely independently.

am 3. März 2023, 17:46 Uhr von Eulchen 1965
I love it

am 23. Februar 2023, 22:44 Uhr von keeb
CUTE <3 ty

am 23. Februar 2023, 02:17 Uhr von rockratzero
This puzzle is rated as 1*. It is cute. It doesn't need to be harder. Well done taking the plunge to post your first puzzle!

am 22. Februar 2023, 21:57 Uhr von DarrenBurnett
I loved it!!!

am 22. Februar 2023, 11:29 Uhr von geronimo92
@BKKGarrett : one of the most fair and clever sentence i have ever read on this site for many many years....

am 22. Februar 2023, 05:16 Uhr von BKKGarrett
Great puzzle! We need more easy ones! Really annoyed how whenever someone posts a 1-star puzzles, some will inevitably feel the need to complain that it's "too easy" and even that the need to make 'em harder. Good grief! You have so, so many difficult puzzles to challenge you on this forum every day. Just don't do the easy ones and leave those to those of us who do enjoy them.

am 21. Februar 2023, 18:05 Uhr von sacklunch
Great puzzle, thanks! It is on the easy side, but some of us enjoy those easy puzzles. Hope to see more from you, @Kirra! :)

am 21. Februar 2023, 17:51 Uhr von Dermerlin
That one is a little too easy. I am a medium class solver and needed less than 2 minutes.
Anyway thx for posting and pls try to improve.

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am 21. Februar 2023, 17:50 Uhr von thoughtbyte
This could serve well as someone's introduction to variant Sudoku or Sudoku in general, and it has a cute theme. For anyone who is not an absolute beginner, it is likely trivially easy. Nice and cute for the beginner audience though!

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