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Between Clouds (Fog of War, Sandwich)

(Eingestellt am 19. Februar 2023, 12:10 Uhr von lepton)

Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the digits between the 1 and 9 in that row or column. Digits separated by a white dot are consecutive.

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Lösungscode: Column 9

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am 17. Mai 2023, 20:27 Uhr von ProfMeow
Nice puzzle: loved the hidden kropki.

am 22. März 2023, 12:18 Uhr von filz
Thank you, really liked it!

am 6. März 2023, 11:57 Uhr von RaTheGod1
I created an account to comment on this sudoku. One of my favorites I have solved. It flows very smoothly from start to finish. Amazing!

am 21. Februar 2023, 15:31 Uhr von WeakSolver
Brilliant! Took me an hour but was really fun the entire time.

am 20. Februar 2023, 19:33 Uhr von Klausku
Clever construction. Definetly more than 2 stars for me.

am 20. Februar 2023, 15:23 Uhr von Thylin
Great puzzle! Agree that it felt like 3 stars.

Zuletzt geändert am 20. Februar 2023, 10:37 Uhr

am 20. Februar 2023, 10:36 Uhr von juhish
I often feel that the difficulty is marked too low and it should be higher, but for this 2 stars felt just right

am 19. Februar 2023, 19:45 Uhr von Filipjack
Well said, h5663454! This puzzle requires many bits of beautiful logic that overall make it a fair 3 stars puzzle in my opinion.

am 19. Februar 2023, 19:05 Uhr von Ragna
Das hat viel Spaß gemacht: Dankeschön. :-))

am 19. Februar 2023, 19:00 Uhr von danmeehan91324
I liked the 'sun clearing through the fog' effect. Thanks!

am 19. Februar 2023, 17:27 Uhr von jorgenunez
I agree with h5663454. It might be a 3 stars puzzle. Very nice logic required and really entertaining. Thanks!

Zuletzt geändert am 19. Februar 2023, 16:39 Uhr

am 19. Februar 2023, 16:30 Uhr von h5663454
Hmm...nice idea.

In fact, even if there is no fog, its difficulty is far more than 2 stars (I personally think it can reach 3 stars), provided that you really make rigorous logical reasoning, instead of repeatedly filling in several numbers in each grid for trial and error until the correct answer is obtained.

All in all, it could have received a better rating.

am 19. Februar 2023, 13:45 Uhr von glum_hippo

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