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Nurikabe and Chaos

(Eingestellt am 20. Februar 2023, 02:53 Uhr von wooferzfg)

This puzzle was created by Jakhob and wooferzfg. It was inspired by tesseralis's Colossal Cave Sudoku and KNT's Ariadne.


This puzzle is a combination of a Nurikabe and a 6x6 Chaos Construction Sudoku. The two grids are linked together: the digit in each cell of the Sudoku grid must equal the number of land cells in the corresponding 2x3 box in the Nurikabe grid.

Nurikabe: Every cell is either water or land. All water cells must be orthogonally connected, and no 2x2 area may be entirely water. Clues must be on land cells, and every orthogonally connected area of land cells contains exactly one clue, the value of which represents the size of the area. A “?” can represent any non-zero size.

Sudoku: Divide the grid into regions, each consisting of 6 orthogonally connected cells. Each row, column, and region must contain the digits 1 to 6 once each. A digit in a cell with arrows indicates the number of cells seen in the indicated directions combined, including itself. Region borders obstruct vision.

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Lösungscode: For each column in the Nurikabe grid, from left to right, the number of water cells in the column

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am 28. Februar 2023, 21:10 Uhr von MartinR
Very tricky, but very satisfying to complete.

am 26. Februar 2023, 15:46 Uhr von Lutterot
Absolutely amazing puzzle! Thanks

am 25. Februar 2023, 09:43 Uhr von Statistica

am 23. Februar 2023, 19:45 Uhr von Christounet
Extraordinary ! I can't emphasize enough how I love these huge grids with multiple layers of logic involved. Amazed that you were able to pull that off, and eager to see if you can turn it into a colossal one with a 9x9 CC sudoku !! Thanks++ for this one !

am 23. Februar 2023, 15:21 Uhr von Snookerfan
Excellent puzzle! Great fun and very challenging. Thank you

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am 23. Februar 2023, 09:42 Uhr von henrypijames
So, is this the warmup for the colossal 27×27 version? ;)

Reply from wooferzfg: You'll have to wait and see ;)

am 23. Februar 2023, 07:44 Uhr von DrShevago
Took me 250 minutes. Thank you very much

am 22. Februar 2023, 05:07 Uhr von Agent
Very impressive construction!

am 22. Februar 2023, 01:03 Uhr von filuta
great idea and many funny moments with 6s!

Zuletzt geändert am 21. Februar 2023, 22:54 Uhr

am 21. Februar 2023, 22:43 Uhr von madhupt
Brilliant, brilliant puzzle! It was very hard for me shifting from Nurikabe to Sudoku constantly, making tiny deductions but I am really proud I did not make any mistakes on the way. Really satisfying solve. Thanks a lot for sharing this masterpiece and a gem of a puzzle.

The rules may be modified slightly to clarify that every connected area of land cells must have a clue, i.e., no land area may be without a clue. This is essential to get the unambiguous solution to the Nurikabe. E.g. R12C5 cannot be land with remaining cells of the 3x2 water, although both give valid solutions of the Nurikabe.

Reply from wooferzfg: I think the rules already say this ("every orthogonally connected area of land cells contains exactly one clue"). The wording of the rules is based on the Nurikabe rules in Eric Fox's "Puzzle Rules" document. But yeah, this rule is very important for arriving at a unique solution. Thank you for solving!

am 21. Februar 2023, 21:40 Uhr von TrollErgoSum
Brilliant puzzle

am 21. Februar 2023, 13:27 Uhr von twobear

am 21. Februar 2023, 10:17 Uhr von kjholt

am 20. Februar 2023, 17:55 Uhr von polar
Wonderful! Your pencil puzzle hybrids are fast becoming some of my favourite new puzzles to solve :) Thank you!

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am 20. Februar 2023, 11:15 Uhr von Piatato
Great puzzle! I first had a lot of trouble due to a cc regionbuilding error that I repeated four times — it's weird how being a bit insecure about one genre can make one overly confident about the other, haha! Thanks for the help. I then had a lot of great fun. The genres and the two grids interacted beautifully throughout!

am 20. Februar 2023, 10:24 Uhr von Jesper
Awesome puzzle, thanks!

am 20. Februar 2023, 08:27 Uhr von KNT
Very nice, challenging for me.

am 20. Februar 2023, 04:40 Uhr von AstralSky
Very nice & fun hybrid!

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