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French Braided (Sandwich/Killer Sudoku - Cryptic Crossword Multipuzzle)

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Set in response to a viewer's on-screen request from Simon of Cracking the Cryptic. The sudoku puzzle functions as a sudoku and then as a cryptic crossword. The puzzle is intended to be solved in three phases: shading/building cages, sandwich/killer sudoku, cryptic crossword. The cryptic crossword has a small amount of CtC-specific meta knowledge required, so I consider it "bonus" content for this puzzle here on LMD. Feel free to rate and comment about the whole system, or the sudoku specifically. Have fun!

French Braided

Normal Sudoku Rules Apply. (To faciliate the next puzzle phase, standard 3x3 region borders are not drawn; the solver may draw them with the pen tool if desired.)

Shaded Sandwich Sums. The values outside of the grid sum the digits found between 1 and 9 in the corresponding row or column. Shade all of the 1s and 9s (the sandwich "crusts") in the puzzle.

Some cells have values given in their corners. Black values correspond to Killer Cage Sums. Red values (with daggers added for accessibility) correspond to Psycho Killer Cage Sums. The solver must determine the boundaries of each Cage while solving. Cages comprise an orthogonally connected group of cells, must remain entirely shaded or unshaded, must not cross given bolded cell boundary walls, and must not overlap. The given cage values do not have to appear in the top-left corner of the cage.
Digits placed in black Killer Cages must not repeat and must sum to the given value contained in the cage.
Digits placed in red Psycho Killer Cages must not repeat. A digit placed in a Psycho Killer cage will reference a cell somewhere in the grid. The box number of the referenced cell is the digit placed in the cage, and the position of the referenced cell in that box is the same position of the cell providing the reference. The referred digits must sum to the given red cage value contained within the cage.

You may ignore the little arrow with the "12" cage clue - it is only relevant to the cryptic crossword.

Sudoku Grid (SudokuPad)

After completing the sudoku, you may access the directions and clues for the cryptic crossword here . The password is "FB", followed by the digits contained in the "18" killer cage in the sudoku grid, written in English-reading order, with no spaces.

Lösungscode: The solution code only refers to the solved sudoku grid. feel free to rate/comment on the sudoku only, or on the puzzle as a whole. Row 7 followed by Column 9 of the solved sudoku grid. (18 digits, no spaces)

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am 22. Februar 2023, 21:03 Uhr von rockratzero
Small rules clarity edit

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am 22. Februar 2023, 06:40 Uhr von Briks
Could you please explain or give an example? "Shade all 1/9 crusts in the puzzle."

Sorry for the confusion. This simply means to shade all the 1s and 9s in the puzzle. They are the "crusts" of the sandwiches. I can update rules to be more clear -rrz

am 19. Februar 2023, 07:30 Uhr von RJBlarmo
Very impressive puzzle combination! Cryptic crosswords are usually beyond me but I believe I managed to complete this one. Enjoyed the long down clues on the sides :)

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