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The Pawn's Gambit - VERSION 1

(Eingestellt am 12. Februar 2023, 17:38 Uhr von HalfBakedLunatic)

The Pawn's Gambit - VERSION 1
(for the 'final' version, more difficult and delightful, please jump to The Pawn's Gambit - VERSION 2

• Normal Sudoku Rules Apply
• Digits on the thermometers must increase from the bulb end

• Kings are 1, Rooks are 2, Bishops are 3, Knights are 4
• No two Kings can be a “Kings Move” apart
• No King can be a “Knight’s Move” from any Knight
• No King can be on the same diagonal as a Bishop, unless a Knight, Rook, or Pawn is blocking the path
• No King can be in the same row or column as a Rook unless a Knight, Bishop, or Pawn is blocking the path
• Pawns moving down the board are 5. No King can be on a diagonal in the row below a downward moving pawn
• Pawns moving up the board are 6. No King can be on a diagonal in the row above an upward moving pawn

Basically, no King can be "in check"

I’ve done a few puzzles on this same Chess theme, but I think this is my best … and most difficult one yet … expanded to include Pawns this time. Let me know how you like it!

Solve Online here:
The Pawn's Gambit Sudoku (F-Puzzles)

Puzzle by David Workman (aka "HalfBakedLunatic")

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am 18. Februar 2023, 08:05 Uhr von Elysara
What an interesting and enjoyable rule set! It's complex and a lot to think about but solved quite well.

am 18. Februar 2023, 07:48 Uhr von ddx2407
Interesting idea, and a very smooth and enjoyable solve. Thank you!

Zuletzt geändert am 18. Februar 2023, 05:13 Uhr

am 18. Februar 2023, 05:12 Uhr von taylorsc
What a beautiful puzzle. The rules work together really nicely to make a puzzle that is challenging but not impossibly difficult.

am 18. Februar 2023, 03:02 Uhr von SimplePurpleFrog
A really enjoyable solve after taking the time to remember the association between digits and chess piece.

Zuletzt geändert am 17. Februar 2023, 03:52 Uhr

am 17. Februar 2023, 03:47 Uhr von HalfBakedLunatic
Added comments direction solvers to the newer (more difficult) version of the puzzle: https://logic-masters.de/Raetselportal/Raetsel/zeigen.php?id=000CZR

am 14. Februar 2023, 12:35 Uhr von mbrandtwls
Exquisite and beautiful! Nicest use of Chess pieces ever integrated into a sudoku.

Zuletzt geändert am 16. Februar 2023, 00:24 Uhr

am 13. Februar 2023, 21:22 Uhr von HalfBakedLunatic
Hi @nogirosta
You have one mistake ... the King in Box 5 is in check from the Rook below it. This affects all those 3's and 7's, so if you fix this then you will have the valid (unique) solution ... and I've deleted the link to the image so you don't give away the solution :-)

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