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  • Killer cage: Digits in a cage must sum to the given total and must not repeat.
  • Diagonal: Digits on a marked diagonal may not repeat.
  • Classic sudoku rules apply as well.


Lösungscode: Column 6

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am 30. Mai 2023, 21:01 Uhr von Montikulum
In my world this is neither 2 nor 3 stars - but academic discussions aside, the interactions were very logical and pleasing once the break-in was found. But that certainly took me quite a while. Narrow path but flawlessly constructed.

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am 1. März 2023, 23:09 Uhr von Florian Wortmann
That was really fun :-)

> Thanks! :D

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am 3. Februar 2023, 19:55 Uhr von HumanBirdsong
This is beautiful - the cage interactions brought a genuine smile to my face when I realised what was going on! Smooth, enjoyable, satisfying. Thank you. I would probably rate this at 3*.

> Thanks for the kind words! I weakly agree that this is 3 stars, but when I posted in the CTC Discord's testing section about 67% of people said it was 2* and the other 33% said it was 3*. (Though I have to wonder, if I initially set the difficulty to 3* --- would LMD have rated this 3*?)

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am 2. Februar 2023, 22:20 Uhr von peep50183
Lovely :) took me 40 minutes, longer than most 2*s but I didn't really feel like I was struggling.

> Glad you enjoyed! For what it's worth, I believe this puzzle is harder than most 2*s.

am 2. Februar 2023, 16:22 Uhr von dennischen
Fix links

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am 2. Februar 2023, 10:20 Uhr von VeTaurus
The links to the puzzle don´t work.

> Sorry! They should work now.

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