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Beautiful Day

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Normal sudoku rules apply.

Japanese Sums: Normal Japanese Sums Rules apply. Colors used in this puzzle are blue, brown, green, purple and yellow. The clues outside the grid indicate the sums of the contiguous runs found in that row or column that must be shaded the color of the clue. Colors are in the order that they appear in that row or column.


Lösungscode: Column 7 then row 4.

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am 12. März 2023, 17:23 Uhr von picoton
are all colored cells in a row/column part of some total in both the row and the column?

>>Yes, every colored cell counts for the totals in the corresponding row and column. :)

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am 14. Februar 2023, 21:15 Uhr von rudaass
That was awesome! When i first read the rules i was intimidated. But after a while i realised it is a nonogram! I never knew there is such variant. After all,with tons of nonograms made in katana app,this was one of the easiest 3stars for me. Thank you for this puzzle!

>>I’m so glad you enjoyed! Thanks for solving!

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am 9. Februar 2023, 16:21 Uhr von dodomos
I am very sorry, but I would like to ask a question about the rules.
If the Japanese Sums hint in a row/column does not appear in a certain color, does it mean that the color does not appear in that row/column?

>No problem! Happy to help. Yes, that is what it means. The color of the clues indicate what colors are in that row/column, and in what order. If there is no, say, blue clue in a particular row or column, then there are no blue cells in that row or column. Note, though, that there may be cells in each row or column that are not colored at all.

Thank you for your answer! This is a great puzzle!

>>You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed!

am 29. Januar 2023, 14:58 Uhr von Ragna
Fun puzzle and a nice picture. Thank you for sharing. :-))

am 28. Januar 2023, 23:39 Uhr von heliosfant
So cool. Thank you for the puzzle

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