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Indecisive Quivers

(Eingestellt am 27. Januar 2023, 22:06 Uhr von JamesCullum)

Indecisive Quivers uses a combination of sudoku variants with a slight twist on arrow sudoku rules


1. Normal sudoku rules apply.

2. Digits 1-9 must appear once on the diagonal line.

3. Digits on an arrow must sum to either double or half of the digit within that arrows circle cell. Once halved or doubled, the value of the arrows circle cell will become that cells value.

4. Digits outside the grid show the sum of the values sandwiched between the 1 and the 9 in the column or row.

5. In cages, values must sum to the small clue in the top left corner. Digits cannot repeat within a cage.

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Please enjoy the puzzle

Lösungscode: Enter rows 3 and 7 without any spaces.

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am 28. Februar 2023, 22:31 Uhr von dennischen
This is a really nice genre of arrow bulb halvers/doublers you've carved out for yourself. Thanks!

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