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Each thermo displayed in the right grid must be placed in a unique 3×3 subgrid on the left grid. Moreover, the position of each thermo must not change with respect to its subgrid (meaning no rotation or translation within the subgrid).

Also note that the answer check will only work when the right side is cleared of digits (though you, of course, may consider yourself finished at the time you place the last digit in the left side of the grid).

Try it online at Penpa

Example puzzle:

Example (Penpa)

Lösungscode: Row 5

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am 13. Mai 2023, 05:24 Uhr von dennischen
add solution to example puzzle

am 2. Februar 2023, 22:17 Uhr von FinnishGuy
Very clever ruleset, requires very unique logic to solve. Once you get the idea on how this works, it is a really nice solve. Thanks!

am 25. Januar 2023, 22:45 Uhr von dennischen
The right grid is not a real sudoku; it is just a convenient way to display the thermos to be placed on the left grid (the real grid).

am 25. Januar 2023, 22:22 Uhr von faisalaak
on the right grid the position of "1" in box 1&2.has to be in the same row!!. does Sudoku rules apply to both grids or only left one?

am 25. Januar 2023, 22:13 Uhr von dennischen
Forgot a <p> tag again

am 25. Januar 2023, 22:12 Uhr von dennischen
Add <p> tag

am 25. Januar 2023, 22:12 Uhr von dennischen
Added example puzzle.

am 23. Januar 2023, 20:52 Uhr von dennischen
Thank you so much, bodemeister and OutOfMyMindBRB! bodemeister, your puzzles also seem like great, intricate challenges --- I'm trying County Map right now.

am 23. Januar 2023, 18:26 Uhr von bodemeister
Very creative and challenging sudoku! Happy New Year to you as well.

am 23. Januar 2023, 17:47 Uhr von OutOfMyMindBRB
What a mind-bending, challenging & brilliant puzzle!

Thank you :-)

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