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Yajisan-Kazusan - "Nightmare Realm"

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This is a standard (but hard!) Yajisan-Kazusan puzzle. I recently challenged myself to set a standard puzzle of this type, as practice for a mashup ruleset I'm exploring. Unfortunately, I might have gone a little mad with power, resulting in this grid being produced before I realised the situation's gravity.

This puzzle is undoubtedly larger and tougher than it needs to be, but I thought I'd still post it, either as a curiosity in its own right or for those seeking a very stiff challenge. Getting started is likely to prove difficult, and the puzzle should put up quite a tough fight before it falls.

Familiarity with Yajisan-Kazusan is encouraged; otherwise, this video from the Unshackling Sudokus and Puzzles channel covers pretty much all the essentials. This will also be the last in my recent string of brutal and stubborn puzzles — any future puzzles I post will be set in a more conventional style. Good luck!

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Normal Yajisan-Kazusan rules apply:
  • Shade some cells so that no two shaded cells are orthogonally adjacent and the remaining unshaded cells form one orthogonally connected area.
  • If a cell with a number in it is unshaded, the number represents how many shaded cells are in a straight line in the indicated direction.
  • If a cell with a number in it is shaded, the number is meaningless.

Link for online solving: Penpa+

Lösungscode: For each of the 23 columns (from left to right), enter the length of the longest continuous run of unshaded cells.

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