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Name Series: Kyle

(Eingestellt am 17. Januar 2023, 18:08 Uhr von Tingo)

Name Series: Kyle

I've decided to do a few puzzles that sport the names of my friends and family. This one is an homage to my buddy, Kyle. If your name is Kyle, or not, I hope you enjoy this puzzle too.

Normal Sudoku Rules Apply

Green lines are German Whispers lines. Adjacent digits must differ by at least 5.

The blue line is a region sums line. Digits along a line must sum to the same total in each region the line enters. If a line enters a region multiple times, each instance is calculated separately.

Cells joined by Xs sum to 10. Not all Xs are given.

Digits on a thermometer must strictly increase from the bulb end.

The puzzle can be played at F-Puzzles here!

The puzzle can be played at CTC here!

Questions, comments, concerns and jokes are all welcome! Thanks for playing!

Lösungscode: Row 9 followed by Column 4, no spaces

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am 30. Januar 2023, 00:30 Uhr von KyleBaran
I enjoyed, with a bias

am 19. Januar 2023, 18:19 Uhr von MarthaB
Nice puzzle. Each rule played its part. Enjoyed solving it.

Zuletzt geändert am 18. Januar 2023, 06:34 Uhr

am 18. Januar 2023, 06:22 Uhr von Ekkojensen
Enjoyed it, thanks! Misread the K, so I had to retrace a couple of times, haha.

- Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! - Tingo

Zuletzt geändert am 18. Januar 2023, 05:26 Uhr

am 18. Januar 2023, 01:33 Uhr von RussKozerski
Enjoyed that a lot. Thank you. Nice solution path.

- I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing! - Tingo

Zuletzt geändert am 18. Januar 2023, 05:26 Uhr

am 18. Januar 2023, 01:13 Uhr von Niveous
Good interactions between the elements. A nice easy puzzle to relax with!

- Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! - Tingo

Zuletzt geändert am 18. Januar 2023, 06:33 Uhr

am 18. Januar 2023, 00:22 Uhr von Mr.CHEN
What is the "K" shape region sum line? Is two independent region sum lines intersecting at R3C1 or is the whole a region sum line?

- It is a single region sum line. Box 1 has one distinct region. Box 4, has two, distinct regions. The "K" however is one solid block of line. Each distinct region in Box 4 must sum to the same as the whole region in Box 1. - Tingo

Zuletzt geändert am 18. Januar 2023, 05:24 Uhr

am 17. Januar 2023, 23:37 Uhr von GorgeousNicko
As so often, this one repays a careful parsing of the rules!

- Thanks for playing! - Tingo

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