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A Blind Killer

(Eingestellt am 17. Januar 2023, 08:29 Uhr von bodemeister)

This puzzle is a killer sudoku with cage sums that must be determined as part of the solve. If you enjoy math and interesting logic, this puzzle is for you! You can solve the puzzle here at CtC or by printing the picture below. Enjoy and please comment!

  1. Normal Sudoku Rules Apply.
  2. The sum of the digits in any cage must not equal the sum of the digits in any other cage.
  3. If two cages touch along an edge, then the sums of the digits in those two cages cannot be consecutive integers.
  4. Each diagonal of length four or greater contains a repeated digit.

Lösungscode: Row 8 Column 6

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am 17. Januar 2023, 16:39 Uhr von Tilberg
Some very nice logic! Thank you.

Einiges an schöner Logik. Danke!

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