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Fill this campsite with 6 regions of 9 cells with 1 tent in them. A region can not have 2 tents (Important!). A digit in a shape shows the amount of other regions touching it, apart from the one it is in itself. I've included a picture showing 2 tents. This particular combination of triangle and square is the only possible orientation of a tent (how most people would quickly draw a tent). This is a completely new ruleset that's likely to feel kind of weird, so I've also constructed a playable mini grid which needs to be filled with 3 regions consisting of 8 cells. I have included a picture of the right answer. Notice that all regions have just 1 tent!

Mini campsite


A 2 star version can be found here

A 3 star version can be found here

Answer check works for regions drawn with green edges. You need to draw the edges for the

Lösungscode: Enter the message which pops up when all the edges of the regions are drawn, without spaces

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am 21. Januar 2023, 20:22 Uhr von kjholt
I absolutely love the solution code here although I do understand that some people don't solve online necessarily. It just makes it so much easier and it's cute. Is there a way to have two solution codes or does that not work with the site?

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am 18. Januar 2023, 17:11 Uhr von szabog
Thank you, I hope you make some more.

~ Thanks for solving! I have made a sequel, which is considerably harder though...

Zuletzt geändert am 10. Januar 2023, 10:38 Uhr

am 10. Januar 2023, 03:36 Uhr von Piatato
Cute little snack of a puzzle :-)

~ Thanks Piatato!

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am 9. Januar 2023, 20:06 Uhr von Mark Sweep
Fun little puzzle, but it would be better if there was also a way to enter the solution code without going to the online solving link. Can be hard to come up with a good code for such a grid, but perhaps placing letters in the grid for which the values need to be entered might be suitable?

~ Thanks for solving Mark! I agree that a solution code should somehow be integrated in the puzzle itself, but I couldn't think of a neat way to do it. Distributing some letters amongst the grid is a way, but it's a shame to not have them mean anything for the puzzle itself then. If this'll turn into something a bit more popular than it currently is, I will definitely work out a way to incorporate it.

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