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Japanese Sum Cave Cipher #10: Caesar Cipher (shift ±1)

(Eingestellt am 29. Dezember 2022, 18:27 Uhr von KNT)


I was feeling very inspired to try my hand at this ruleset after solving this absolutely magnificent puzzle, which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for a challenge.


Place the digits 1 to 9 once in each row and column of the grid, and shade some cells so that the unshaded cells form a cave.

Outside clues are Japanese sum clues. Clues to the left of the grid are Japanese sum clues for either shaded or unshaded groups of cells, where each group needs at least one of the other (shaded or unshaded) to separate the groups. Clues to the top of the grid are Japanese sum clues for the OTHER of shaded or unshaded. (That is, if it turns out clues to the left indicate sums of unshaded blocks, clues to the top indicate sums of shaded blocks).


The cipher for the clues is incorrect. Each letter from A-J is still assigned a unique value from 0-9, but each letter provided must be swapped with an adjacent letter alphabetically. Example: A given F is either E or G. A given HB is either GA, GC, IA, or IC.


Below is an example and its solution with the digits 1-7 (and a cipher where A-H replaces 0-7). The left image shows the given clues, the right image shows the correct clues. It can be solved here.

The main puzzle can be solved here. Enjoy!

Lösungscode: Row 5 followed by Row 8

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am 17. Mai 2023, 20:15 Uhr von peacherwu2
Breakin is not terribly hard yet the solve path is formidable ahead!

am 13. Februar 2023, 03:15 Uhr von Agent
Yet another amazing puzzle! It's incredible how the puzzle can be so complex, yet so smooth after all the key deductions are found.

am 28. Januar 2023, 22:03 Uhr von ibag
Sehr schön!

am 7. Januar 2023, 04:19 Uhr von cmb
What a beauty!

am 5. Januar 2023, 07:16 Uhr von AnnaTh
I am running out of superlatives for your puzzles. But this is one of my favourites (again).

am 2. Januar 2023, 16:37 Uhr von Myxo
Loved it, and it wasn't too hard.

am 2. Januar 2023, 01:14 Uhr von filuta
I really liked the logic, but it was very hard for me to discover even the easy steps - so basically almost every step in this puzzle :o)) - luckily got there in the end. really well set. my favourite part was how the J clue was determined.

am 1. Januar 2023, 16:20 Uhr von MagnusJosefsson
Wonderful puzzle, interesting and satisfying!

am 31. Dezember 2022, 11:41 Uhr von wisty
So much fun! Very mathy, which I find difficult at times, but there is a staggering level of clarity and some nice tricks in there :)

am 30. Dezember 2022, 16:02 Uhr von Jesper
Another great addition to the series, loved it!

am 30. Dezember 2022, 14:20 Uhr von Vebby
Brilliant! Thanks KNT! :)

am 30. Dezember 2022, 07:50 Uhr von wooferzfg
Tricky but incredibly rewarding. Awesome puzzle. Also, I appreciate there not being any "?"s in this one :)

am 30. Dezember 2022, 00:07 Uhr von polar
It's a shame you dropped the 2nd order KD - next time? Just kidding.. A very lovely tribute to a formidable puzzle. Thanks :)

am 29. Dezember 2022, 23:52 Uhr von Xendari
a delightful mix of cruelty and beauty. thanks, KNT!

am 29. Dezember 2022, 22:52 Uhr von ONeill
Brilliant! Very easy to make mistakes.

am 29. Dezember 2022, 19:57 Uhr von PixelPlucker
Ufqx hpne, sibojr LOU

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