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Normal sudoku rules apply. Digits along the indicated diagonal cannot repeat. Digits in cells connected by a black dot are in the ratio 2:1, not all dots are given. In cages, digits cannot repeat. Clues outside the grid are X-sums where the first N digits of the row/column sum to the clue, N being the first digit in that row/column. Once completed, the totals of all the cages (read in normal English reading order) can be concatenated to find the coordinates of the first location.
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Lösungscode: The hidden coordinates (no spaces or punctuation)

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am 26. Dezember 2022, 12:45 Uhr von Flambierter Flamingo
I have the correct solution code, but there are multiple coordinates I could get from that (Russia and Nigeria). Is there a way to determine where the °, ', " and . have to go?

am 26. Dezember 2022, 03:12 Uhr von dlandrum17
I Solved the puzzle too but can't figure out how to get the correct solution

am 25. Dezember 2022, 11:25 Uhr von Shotguntemplar
I have solved the puzzle but i don't know how to get correct answer for this puzzle??

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