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Behind Enemy Lines

(Eingestellt am 7. Dezember 2022, 05:00 Uhr von dmcdouga)


  • Normal Sudoku Rules Apply - Place the digits 1 to 9 (once each) in each row, column, and 3x3 box.
  • Anti-Knight - Cells that are a knight's move away cannot contain the same digit
  • 1-5-9 Digits in the first, fifth and ninth columns index the position of the 1, 5 and 9 respectively in their rows (e.g. if r4c1 is a 6, then r4c6 must be a 1).

  • White Kropki Dots - White dots connect consecutive digits. Not all dots are given.
  • XV - Digits on either side of an X sum to 10, and either side of a V sum to 5. Not all X's and V's are given.



Lösungscode: Row 3, Row 9

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am 7. Januar 2023, 15:22 Uhr von puzzlepandit
I like this one. The clues in the middle box are good mix of all the given rules.

am 9. Dezember 2022, 19:50 Uhr von chain.reader
Nice and smooth.

am 8. Dezember 2022, 20:48 Uhr von kross
My first time solving a 159 puzzle. I watched an episode of CTC and got some tips. I found it quite approachable and fun. Thanks!

am 7. Dezember 2022, 08:24 Uhr von Floating dream

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