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Cipher Pentominous

(Eingestellt am 4. Dezember 2022, 06:41 Uhr von professorX)

This is a Cipher Pentominous puzzle aka Coded Pentominous


Divide the grid into pentominoes (five-cell regions) so that no two pentominoes of the same shape (including rotations/reflections) share an edge. Each number in this grid represents a clue for a different letter/pentomino, all instances of a number must represent the same letter.

Solve in Penpa+ Answer check enabled. Use edge tab to divide the grid into pentominoes.

Lösungscode: Enter the letter associated with the pentomino occupying each cell in the row 3 and then row 6 from left to right. The answer code should have 20 letters.

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am 23. Januar 2023, 07:23 Uhr von dennischen
Very fun puzzle, but imo finding the solution code is a bit tedious.

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