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Sneaking Around

(Eingestellt am 30. November 2022, 16:39 Uhr von EPH)

Standard sudoku rules apply.

Digits in cages sum to the number in the upper left corner of the cage.

Cells separated by a white dot must be consecutive. Not all possible dots are given.

The green lines are whispers lines: consecutive cells along the line must differ by at least 5.



Lösungscode: Enter row 5 followed by column 5, with no spaces or punctuation.

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am 28. Dezember 2022, 01:32 Uhr von RussKozerski
Nice puzzle. Thank you. But for me, more challenging than 1 star.

am 2. Dezember 2022, 18:36 Uhr von Rollo
Very nice puzzel!

am 1. Dezember 2022, 17:59 Uhr von ischaid
Love German Whispers. Very well constructed!

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