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Forgetful snail

(Eingestellt am 28. November 2022, 17:11 Uhr von sunnyjum)

Normal sudoku rules apply.

On thermometers, digits must strictly increase from the bulb end.

Successive digits along a green line must differ by 5 or more.

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Lösungscode: The digits in row 7 (left to right) followed by the digits in column 9 (top to bottom) with no spaces (18 digits in total)

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am 5. Januar 2023, 12:38 Uhr von Niku
Cute snails. Fun puzzle!

am 4. Januar 2023, 00:11 Uhr von KyleBaran
Pretty simple but quite enjoyable

am 30. Dezember 2022, 09:22 Uhr von eml0u
Nice solve!

am 30. Dezember 2022, 00:56 Uhr von RussKozerski
For some reason, this presented a bit more challenge than the normal 1 star puzzle. Still very enjoyable. Thank you.

am 24. Dezember 2022, 07:54 Uhr von Allagem
This one is super cute, extremely straight-forward, and an absolute delight to solve. If there is ever a 1-star hall of fame, this puzzle should be included in it!

By the way, did the top snail lose his shell and that's why he's crawling back to find it? He must be the forgetful one! :)

am 1. Dezember 2022, 13:52 Uhr von NeroQ
Very easy one, but with a really nice logic in it

am 1. Dezember 2022, 05:15 Uhr von ischaid
I've been struggling with German Whispers recently and this puzzle was a nice treat to help me, well done as its very smooth and made me chuckle along the way!

am 28. November 2022, 20:08 Uhr von JR_pianoman
What an easy yet elegant puzzle. Those are not easy to create. Lovely setting

am 28. November 2022, 18:52 Uhr von sujoyku
The solve was great fun. Thank you for the puzzle, sunnyjum!

am 28. November 2022, 18:38 Uhr von thoughtbyte
Cute theme! Thanks

am 28. November 2022, 18:18 Uhr von Blobz
A fun and very approachable puzzle. Thanks for setting, SunnyJum.

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