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Please remember to leave a rating! It is difficult, so I've left 5 hints that can be revealed at the bottom of this page!

- Normal sudoku rules apply.
- Disjoint groups rules apply; i.e. digits must appear in each position within a box exactly once.
- Antiknight rules apply; i.e. cells a knight's move apart (in chess) cannot contain the same digit.
- Negative diagonal rules apply; i.e. digits cannot repeat along the negative diagonal shown.
- Arrow rules apply; i.e. digits along an arrow must add up to the number in the attached circle.

Hint #1 (Highlight text to reveal):

Think about set theory! Can you find 18 seemingly unrelated cells that must be 2 sets of 1-9 and therefore sum to 90? It's useful to highlight them!

Hint #2 (Highlight text to reveal):

What happens if you put anything less than 9 in r6c3? And then anything less than 8 and 9 in r1c7 and r4c7?

Hint #3 (Highlight text to reveal):

You must put 2 of every digit in your highlighted region, and some digits don't have many potential homes, so think about how to distribute them.

Hint #4 (Highlight text to reveal):

My absolute favourite part of the puzzle... Really think about the options for r6c6 and r7c7!

Hint #5 (Highlight text to reveal):

No more particularly difficult party tricks, just keep scanning and remembering all the restrictions in the rules and you'll get there!

Good luck!

Lösungscode: Top row, left to right

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am 30. November 2022, 23:37 Uhr von LordBidoof
This is the best puzzle Ive ever solved
Thank you! Very high praise coming from one of my favourite normal-type Pokemon!! :D

am 30. November 2022, 02:05 Uhr von ThePedallingPianist
Added a link to Simon's solve!

am 28. November 2022, 06:33 Uhr von faisalaak

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am 27. November 2022, 00:51 Uhr von starwarigami
Wow! This deservedly gets a CtC recommendation!
Thank you so much - it was such a thrill to see Simon solve this! :D

am 25. November 2022, 03:26 Uhr von Elliott810
Brilliant construction! Thanks:)

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