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Where do I start?

(Eingestellt am 20. November 2022, 17:21 Uhr von Jagga)

Not sure if I telegraphed the break-in enough on this one.
Hope you can figure out where to start the puzzle.

-Normal sudoku rules apply.
-Digits along arrows sum to the number in the circle.
-Adjacent digits on the green lines must differ by at least 5.
-Digits on the purple lines form a non-repeating consecutive set of digits in any order.
-Digits joined by an X sum to 10.
-Black dots join digits that are in a 2:1 ratio.
-White dots join digits that are consecutive.
-Not all possible dots are given.
-The start of the puzzle must be discerned. ;)

CTC (with solution check)

Lösungscode: Row 3 followed by row 9

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am 11. Dezember 2022, 18:58 Uhr von deleva
Fun and original. Nice geometry. Approachable due to the abundance of clues, but plenty of fascinating logic from start to finish.

am 23. November 2022, 22:07 Uhr von demosthenes
Got stuck pretty early, but a fresh state of mind the next day revealed many secrets. Clever puzzle. Thanks!

am 21. November 2022, 22:43 Uhr von DaniK
Very enjoyable puzzle, it had a great flow!

am 21. November 2022, 01:48 Uhr von econtrout
Fun opening Logic...This issue was less where to start, then what next? Thanks for the lovely puzzle.

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am 20. November 2022, 19:31 Uhr von AstralSky
Nicely constructed break-in and nice flow after the break-in, but there're too much different constraints used for a non-wrogn puzzle.

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am 20. November 2022, 18:47 Uhr von OutOfMyMindBRB
Very elegant design, lovely logical flow, approachable and fun! If only there was a clear indication, a sign of sorts, of where to start... :-)

--Yeah the start is easy to miss ;) Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it! -Jagga

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