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Ring around the rosie

(Eingestellt am 20. November 2022, 11:57 Uhr von siron2133)

Ring around the rosie

- Normal Sudoku rules apply.

- Renban: Digits on a purple line form a set of consecutive digits in any order. Digits cannot repeat on a line.

- Arrow: Digits on an arrow must sum to the digit in arrow's circle.

- Anti-Knight: - Cells that are a knights move apart cannot contain the same digit.

- Anti-Diagonal: Both of the main (9 cell long) diagonals cannot contain more than 3 unique digits each.

I think the difficulty is between 3 and 4 stars

Feedback and ratings are highly appreciated, hope you enjoy!

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Lösungscode: column 2 from top to bottom

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am 25. November 2022, 10:47 Uhr von DVFrank
Very nice! That solve felt very well balanced with a rewarding finish! :^)

am 24. November 2022, 23:47 Uhr von wenchang
Very NICE! Spoiler alert!

am 24. November 2022, 12:01 Uhr von gigglingCaduceus
What a gorgeous solve!

am 23. November 2022, 10:04 Uhr von KyleBaran
Brilliant and elegant, loved the way everything clicked once you figure out the arrows

am 22. November 2022, 00:08 Uhr von jojo81gaming
Loved this puzzle!

am 21. November 2022, 21:14 Uhr von Gullie
Exceptional puzzle!

am 20. November 2022, 13:47 Uhr von OutOfMyMindBRB
What a wonderful and elegant puzzle! A joy to solve - thank you :-)

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