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50 : happy birthday !

(Eingestellt am 16. November 2022, 17:40 Uhr von Leodekri)

I built this puzzle for the birthday of one of my daughters-in-law (with the cake, the candles…)
I tried to make it very simple, but you have to work a bit however.
Rules :
Cake : the different coloured parts must sum to the number of the same colour
All rules for : cages, arrows, little killers, are usual, so :

Normal Sudoku rules apply.
Digits in cages must sum to the number given at the top left corner of the cage.
Clues outside the grid give the sum of the digits along the indicated diagonal.
Digits along an arrow sum to the number in the arrow’s circle.
Click here to play on F-puzzles

Lösungscode: Row 1 then Column 4

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am 17. November 2022, 05:49 Uhr von Dermerlin
to me this felt more like 3 stars than 1 star.

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am 16. November 2022, 19:13 Uhr von belfieldtj
I really enjoyed this - particularly as I turned 50 very recently! Many thanks!!

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