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Unknown Origin Reunion

(Eingestellt am 16. November 2022, 07:28 Uhr von Will Power)

Normal Sudoku rules apply. Numbers in light and dark green areas are at least 5 apart from their HORIZONTAL neighbors within the area. 2 separate German Whispers lines were not used to avoid confusion with the arrows. Numbers on arrows sum to the number in the pill at the arrow's origin. Numbers may repeat on arrows. Numbers with an X between them sum to 10. Numbers with a V between them sum to 5. Numbers with a white dot between them are consecutive. Not all possible X, V and dots are given.


Solve on CTC

Lösungscode: Row 9 and column 4.

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am 29. Januar 2023, 22:34 Uhr von MarthaB
I loved this puzzle. I loved all aspects - the math, the logic - everything. Another great Will Power puzzle.

am 22. November 2022, 11:35 Uhr von Something Wellesian
Phew! Mistyped the solution code and was seriously worried for a minute.

I admit I struggle a little with more mathematical puzzles, and this one took me a long time to finish, but I had fun all the way.

am 21. November 2022, 20:48 Uhr von chain.reader
Loved it

am 18. November 2022, 02:54 Uhr von dlandrum17
I love Will Power Puzzles!

am 17. November 2022, 02:33 Uhr von digital_lighting
Another great puzzle! Lots of math in this one. Be careful not to make assumptions about the logic of this puzzle.

am 16. November 2022, 18:54 Uhr von Baklin
Thanks for an other fun puzzle. I have really enjoyed the Stickman and Unknown Origin puzzles.

am 16. November 2022, 13:22 Uhr von Ragna
Superschön! Ganz nach meinem Geschmack. Nicht zu schwer, aber sehr elegant. Dankeschön. :-))

am 16. November 2022, 09:34 Uhr von Chelo
You are a genius @Will, great series!.. thank you again

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