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Regional Yajilin

(Eingestellt am 15. November 2022, 09:38 Uhr von kittyphon)

Rules: Shade some cells so that no two shaded cells are orthogonally adjacent and draw a non-intersecting loop through the centers of all the remaining cells. Numbered cages must contain the indicated amount of shaded cells.

Link for online solving (Penpa+)

Lösungscode: The number of shaded cells in each row, from top to bottom

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am 16. November 2022, 16:16 Uhr von PixelPlucker
Nice theme!

am 15. November 2022, 18:12 Uhr von kittyphon
I see that other setters use regions:

but I think cages look nice too :)

am 15. November 2022, 15:03 Uhr von halftime
Yajilin is one of my favorites, but I'd never seen this variant before. Thanks for sharing!

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