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Unknown Origin 9

(Eingestellt am 11. November 2022, 00:40 Uhr von Will Power)

Normal Sudoku rules apply. Numbers on arrows sum to the number in the pill in the middle of the puzzle. Numbers on arrows may repeat. Numbers with a V between them sum to 5. Numbers with an X between them sum to 10. Numbers with a white dot between them are consecutive. Not all possible X, V and dots are shown.


Solve on CTC

Lösungscode: Row 2 and column 2.

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am 28. Januar 2023, 00:19 Uhr von MarthaB
I really enjoy these Unknown Origin puzzles. Another great Will Power puzzle.

am 7. Januar 2023, 15:57 Uhr von puzzlepandit
Good One. Solving this Improved my addition and subtraction skills.

am 18. November 2022, 03:21 Uhr von kross
I'm getting the hang of these Unknown Origin puzzles! I was able to fly through this one, while the last one took me 2 days until I figured out the secret. :)

am 12. November 2022, 21:19 Uhr von chain.reader
Very nice setup again, thank you for this series :)

am 12. November 2022, 21:09 Uhr von chain.reader
You got me. It took me 20 minutes to figure out why the two blank squares aren't X ... I forgot to remove the sum of the digits in the pill from the grand total :/

Zuletzt geändert am 12. November 2022, 02:49 Uhr

am 12. November 2022, 00:59 Uhr von Mr.CHEN
I want to know where the unknown origin 2-4 is? Can reupload them again?

@Mr.CHEN Unknown Origin original had 4 arrows. After that, I began numbering them for how many arrows there are. I never made one with 2 or 3 arrows. Thank you for playing. -Will Power

am 11. November 2022, 20:31 Uhr von Nicholas Roberts
Very nice break in. Really nice puzzle.

am 11. November 2022, 20:14 Uhr von ostio456
took me a while to find the break in, although i blame this to me doing my laundry at the same time lol. Really fun puzzle thank you!

am 11. November 2022, 12:50 Uhr von sujoyku
Great puzzle! The solve was real fun.

am 11. November 2022, 12:08 Uhr von Ragna
Klasse!!! Das hat viel Spaß gemacht.
Dankeschön :-))

am 11. November 2022, 03:52 Uhr von mihel111
Funny break in. Nice flow after that. Thx Will

am 11. November 2022, 01:57 Uhr von LayLowe
Loved it. Thanks for setting and sharing!

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