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Box Twist

(Eingestellt am 8. November 2022, 18:31 Uhr von FullDeck-Missing)

A gentle introduction to some of the logic about how modular lines interact with killer cages.

Normal sudoku rules apply. Each row, column, and box must contain a complete set of the digits 1-9.

Normal killer cage rules apply: digits in cages cannot repeat and must sum to the number shown in the upper left corner of the cage.

Modular lines: every set of three sequential digits along a line must contain a complete set of residues modulo 3, i.e. one digit from {1,4,7}, one from {2,5,8}, and one from {3,6,9}. Digits may repeat on a line if allowed by other rules.

Try the puzzle on the Sudokupad app by Sven Neumann.

You can find a complete list of our puzzles on LMD here. Please also visit us at Missing Deck Puzzles.

Lösungscode: Column 5 (top to bottom); nine digits, no spaces

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am 28. Mai 2023, 02:56 Uhr von AdrianSimple
Lots of fun, thanks so much :)

am 9. Mai 2023, 14:51 Uhr von Hirrumi
Lovely puzzle. I solved it just under 15 minutes - I am proud of myself :DD

am 16. März 2023, 20:45 Uhr von Theory Joe
This was fun, clever, approachable difficulty. Great puzzle.

am 16. März 2023, 17:21 Uhr von gd1981
Very nice puzzle. Took a couple of restarts to get the Modular lines rule set worked out, but after that it fell nicely. Thank you

Zuletzt geändert am 15. März 2023, 01:37 Uhr

am 15. März 2023, 01:33 Uhr von RussKozerski
Yesterday I stared at a juice box for four hours because it said, "Concentrate." Enjoyable and approachable. Thank you.

am 14. November 2022, 20:53 Uhr von NeroQ
i like it, it is very easy, propably easiest I attempted so far, but still very enjoyable

Zuletzt geändert am 14. November 2022, 01:34 Uhr

am 12. November 2022, 20:14 Uhr von Syzygy
Thanks for the puzzle! Fun and straightforward solve, really good flow

>> We're so glad you enjoyed it!

Zuletzt geändert am 10. November 2022, 17:02 Uhr

am 10. November 2022, 13:28 Uhr von the_fow_fow
Very nice puzzle. My very first time even attempting modular lines. I definitely learned some things, thank you!

>> Wonderful! Thank you so much!

Zuletzt geändert am 10. November 2022, 04:23 Uhr

am 9. November 2022, 19:15 Uhr von Nicholas Roberts
Nice puzzle (almost GAS like). Very smooth.

>> Thank you!

Zuletzt geändert am 8. November 2022, 20:18 Uhr

am 8. November 2022, 20:05 Uhr von zegres
Very nice GAS puzzle. Two hats please!
I still find modular lines a bit unintuitive compared to entropic lines, but this helped.

>>Two hats duly awarded! Glad you enjoyed it and it helped with the modular lines intuition.

Zuletzt geändert am 8. November 2022, 19:21 Uhr

am 8. November 2022, 19:20 Uhr von halftime
This was a nice little afternoon treat. Thanks for sharing!

>> Thank you for the kind words. So glad you enjoyed it :)

Zuletzt geändert am 8. November 2022, 19:19 Uhr

am 8. November 2022, 19:17 Uhr von sujoyku
Nice puzzle! It is indeed approachable and (as intended) felt like a great introduction to modular lines plus killer cages. Thank you, FullDeck-Missing!

>> Thank you! We appreciate the kind words and are glad you enjoyed the puzzle :)

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