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(Eingestellt am 11. November 2022, 11:00 Uhr von ndsurgenor)

- Normal sudoku rules apply

- Digits on a line either sum to the value outside the grid (some to be determined by the solver) OR represent the same value in binary format (see below) in their respective row/column. Note that for any line it is NOT permitted for both to be true and all lines are completely horizontal/vertical

- When determining the value of a 'binary line' odd digits are read as 1 while even digits represent 0. The value is then read as a binary number from left to right or top to bottom e.g. 8574 on a such a line would be equivalent to 0110 which gives a value of 6

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Lösungscode: Row 4 and Row 6

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am 13. November 2022, 16:21 Uhr von StefanSch
Either I missed some really huge logical step, or three stars are to few by far.
It was a hard journey, but I enjoyed it.

- I've upped the difficulty because you're not the only one who has mentioned this! Many thanks for taking the time to solve it :)

Zuletzt geändert am 13. November 2022, 21:35 Uhr

am 13. November 2022, 03:44 Uhr von cdwg2000
Very nice!

- Thanks for solving!

Zuletzt geändert am 12. November 2022, 18:53 Uhr

am 11. November 2022, 18:49 Uhr von gfoot
Great maths-centric puzzle, I found it hard at quite a few places due to the dual nature of the rules, like a truth/lie puzzle, but it was always possible to deduce my way through.

- Many thanks for solving; glad you worked your way through it!

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