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Noring Noring #1

(Eingestellt am 31. Oktober 2022, 03:16 Uhr von Ambrose)


Nori Nori: Shade exactly 2 cells in each region in such a way that every shaded cell shares an edge with exactly one other shaded cell (possibly in a different region). In other words, the shaded cells form a set of dominoes which do not touch each other orthogonally.
Ring Ring: Draw a set of rectangular loops in the unshaded cells. Every unshaded cell must be used by at least one rectangle, and rectangle sides cannot pass through shaded cells. The sides of different rectangles may intersect each other, but not turn at their intersection or otherwise overlap.

Play online:

F-Puzzles Link | CtC Link | Penpa+ Link

I set this for Zetamath’s pencil puzzle challenge. It is intended to be approachable for novices to both genres involved. I hope to set more with this rule set, getting deeper into the logic available. Hope you enjoy!

Lösungscode: Enter contents of column 7, top to bottom, encoded by: S=shaded; H=horizontal segment; V=vertical segment; C=rectangle corner (any orientation); X=crossing segments.

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am 14. November 2022, 05:45 Uhr von wisty
Such a clever and fun hybrid!

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