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Calculated Shot

(Eingestellt am 30. Oktober 2022, 16:46 Uhr von Dathan)

This is my ninth puzzle, Calculated Shot. I hope you like it!


- Normal sudoku rules apply.
- Arrow: Digits on an arrow must sum to the number in the pill (read from left to right). Digits may repeat on arrows if allowed by other rules.

For clarity: Where the arrows intersect in this puzzle, they move as shown in the images on the right. They don't make a 90 degree turn sideways and both arrows end in the same box where they start.

Solve it on f-puzzles | Solve it on CTC (Includes solution)

Lösungscode: Row 2 and row 8 (18 characters, no spaces)

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am 31. Oktober 2022, 22:43 Uhr von Dathan
Danke Ragna!

am 31. Oktober 2022, 22:31 Uhr von Ragna
Das hat richtig viel Spaß gemacht. Dankeschön! :-))

am 30. Oktober 2022, 21:13 Uhr von Dathan
Thanks AdamGaffney96! :)

am 30. Oktober 2022, 17:45 Uhr von AdamGaffney96
This was a lovely and approachable puzzle. If you know anything about how to work with large arrows you should spot this pretty quickly, but it just solves so nicely.

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